Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twitter Fantasy Hockey League... (s)!

I love hockey. By default, that means I love fantasy hockey.

As I found out late last night and early this morning, so do a LOT of other people.

You don't have to know much about numbers and stats to enjoy fantasy sports. All you need is some luck, and to enjoy the game you're playing. Of course, it doesn't hurt to know what you're doing.

Late last night, I figured I'd get an early start on the fantasy hockey season by starting a league. I figured I'd get some interest and slowly fill up the league in the next week to 10 days.

Here I am, roughly 15 hours after I put out the first tweet, and 3 leagues have been filled (Now 24 hours later, and the 5th league is just about filled). That's 60 100 teams. 57 95 tweeps answered, quickly, and I was more than happy to keep creating leagues.

There are still a few people who have shown interest, so I'll likely set up a 4th (actually setting it up now...). UPDATE: I hate saying no, especially when it comes to hockey...so I am creating a 5th league... BUT THAT IS ALL. I'M CALLING MERCY!! This makes 100 total teams, all involving the fine folks from Twitter. Newbies, bloggers, experienced players...a fantastic mix of people with one common interest. Hockey.

I've been playing fantasy sports for 20 years. Baseball, Football, Hockey and, yes, even Basketball (although I haven't played fantasy hoops in a while).

I have never...in those 20 years...seen this much interest, this quickly, in a fantasy league being formed. Perhaps it's because of the quickness of the information traveling via Twitter, or maybe...and I think this is more likely...it's that hockey fans just really love all forms of their sport!

Now... if you're in one of the leagues, prepare to be dominated!

Each league has the same rules. Every team will start: 2 C, 2 LW, 2 RW, 4 D, 4 utility players (any position)...and 2 goalies. This will make the drafting strategy a little interesting: Do you take two solid goalies and skip a good skater in a given round, or do you take a top goalie and a 1a, and hope they give you enough combined stats to compete. It's all part of the fun in building a fantasy team. There will also be 5 bench spots, and 2 IR spots for injured players.

To make things even a little more interesting, I'll be posting how the leaders in each league are doing from time to time. Think of it as 5 different divisions...and we can compare who is the best of the best.

If all parties are interested, we can take the top few players in each league and form a playoff league to see who the best Twitter fantasy hockey player is!

Anyway, here are the tweeps who are participating in each league. Follow them if you aren't already for some friendly (and let's keep it friendly) smack talk. If you don't want to follow a bunch of new people, click on the header for each league and it will take you to my Twitter list for that league...you can just follow the list if you'd like.
We'll also be using hashtags for each league (#TFHL1, #TFHL2, #TFHL3, #TFHL4 and #TFHL5) so you can follow along in the trash talk.

Commissioner/Team Owner/Great and Powerful Overlord: @SpeakoftheDevs
(Parise Like Sunday Morning)

@dani3boyz (It's Coffee and Bailey O'Clock)

- Oldest3boyz (Long Island Royal Flush)

@NJDevils26 (Alan's Wolfpack)

@rancidradio (Use the Bergfors)

@stlcards4i1983 (Kandy Kaners)

@JillTullo9 (Boston U Terriers)

@KToools (Averys Manicurist)

@sarcasmpucktail (Like Marty Loves Sean)

@kathygc (You're not the Bossy of me)

@w0ndertwin (Thorton hears a who)

@Jeremy1026 (Baltimore Diablos)

@Jillian1104 (Towson Devils)

@Warrior40 (Vanek at the Disco)

@Laurita369 (Tiny's Voltigeurs)

@loucifer (Pipers Pit)

@RSC41 (Just Don't Give a Kovalchuk)

@MxTito (Diablo Puckers)

@jjburnett82 (El Pointy Toasters)

@HockeyBroad (Chicago Machine)

Commissioner/Team Owner/Keeper of Good and Evil: @SpeakoftheDevs
(Don't Toews Me, Bro)

@RandallPnkFloyd (Kane's Cab Company)

@Eugene_R (Biz Nasty's Bum Army)

@aibarker25 (The West Coasters)

@DougS_AG6 (I Don't Give A Kovalchuk)

@srosengr (Malkin The Park)

@sarah_connors (Jamaica Plain Tyler Seguins)

@freezethepuck (Sharp Shooter)

@hawknut (Great Staals of Fire)

@alamoth (Williamsburg Hipster Killers)

@JoeDepto (The Crosby Show)

@TromboneTime (The Big Rafalskis)

@StoneDevil (Miracle on Natty Ice)

@ascagnel (A Sanguine Satan)

@westcoastdevfan (California Seals)

@Gags0712 (hartford whalers)

@Green52fan (Mean Green Machine)

@MCARTER82 (Team Carter)

@FightNightatJoe (Oslo Donkey Punches)

@Jay21fire (NJ Fire on Ice)

Commissioner/Team Owner/Destroyer of Hopes and Dreams: @SpeakoftheDevs
(Blood Bath and Beyond)

@amf35 (luthen HAUSEN)

@liminutemen (Kaleta Collisions)

@RyanStern33NYR (GoinGoinBackBac ToCallyCally)

@molsin27 (Team McCarrel)

@jlongley (Team Longley)

@jabberwockkie (This Ott to be Good)

@jgreengas (Spitting Llamas)

@KevinJLarocque (Team Larocque)

@augie2005 (Chicago Happy Humans)

@Ronnie131 (Shut Your 5 Hole)

@pjsimmers (Monroeville Zombies)

@honestmoe (Dirty Jersey Doom)

@Vipe29 (Garden Gnomes)

@Joe_Fortunato (Gaborik's Groin)

@sweetbob (Team Roberts)

@AnthonyFuria (Blueshirts United)

@MHCranberry (Rogue Waves)

@emihawk (Team Dumais)

@Bruins22 (Shinny Hero)

Commissioner/Team Owner/Runner Outer of Other Names: @SpeakoftheDevs
(I'm Smart, You Arnott)

@TimoniNJD (The Teabaggers)

@howie9416 (Mother Puckers)

@JQuincyKing (Wilkes-Barre Beerdrinkers)

@FrozenNotes (Team Rogers)

@CJRichey121 (Pralines and Dick)

@Tristy (Team Eight)

@IceCreepsMike (Save The Whale!!)

@shmermel (Creme Melts on Tits)

@JimPap (DiPietro's MRI)

@nyr351 (I'll dig your Graves)

@kakakatey (Team Free Candy)

@rawker (Status Quo)

@SteveFaulks28 (Theo McFleury)

@5holeblog (Uncle Daddy)

@cabeckham (Taxicab Kanefessions)

@TigerLily1276 (Kentucky Thoroughblades)

@Mikey_Lombardi (You Ott To Know)

@tangent_man (Drunken Stupors)

@Justinleon (New York Sather$)

Commissioner/Team Owner/Creator of Many Leagues: @SpeakoftheDevs
(Malkin in the Middle)

@jps94 (There's No "I" in Teemu)

@Hawgs38 (Milkkrate o'Cheesbuurgers)

@jim_neveau (Don't Step On My Toews)

@Katrina_Doell (Fort Neverlose)

@antheia (Formal Shortshifts)

@TheViewfrom111 (Team Ice Holes)

@hkygrl12 (whatchu knowaboutthaaat)

@Icecreeper (Streit Up Your Alley)

@gimmeapuck (Pepper P-OTTS)

@dohRG (Spirit of 93)

@TheProgramBTR (Rahway Indians)

@fatheaddesign (Hartford FailWhalercanes)

@amanada11 (Victorious Secret)

- Middle & Youngest 3boyz (dani's 2of3boyz)

@cathybytes (Tisza Valley Scourge)

@Ozzy (Team nanaHEY,YOU SUCK)

@Heyitskarla (Team Astrohounds)

@Jenf1 (Rock the RED Jen)

@Burk1 (Slow Icers)

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Devils Historical Records... Because I'm a Numbers Nerd

I know you've been sitting there, wondering to yourself.. "Self, I wish some wonderful blogger would do all the work for me and post the Devils record/stats against every team in the league since they began play in '82-'83"

Well, your wish has come true. Most of you (right?) have already seen the first few posts in my "30 in 40" series, but for those of you that haven't, I'm making it even easier for you... A simple list of every team that you can just click on and POOF! ...it'll take you to that team and the Devils stats vs said team. Am I awesome or what? (you don't have to answer that)

This list will also give you a schedule of when each post will be up, so you can plan your days and vacation times accordingly.

Anyway, here is the list (links will be added as each post is put up on the site)

7/19- Anaheim
7/20- Atlanta
7/21- Boston
7/22- Buffalo
7/23- Calgary
7/26- Carolina
7/27- Chicago
7/28- Colorado
7/29- Columbus
7/30- Dallas
8/2- Detroit
8/3- Edmonton
8/4- Florida
8/5- Los Angeles
8/6- Minnesota
8/9- Montreal
8/10- Nashville
8/11- Ottawa
8/12- Phoenix
8/13- San Jose
8/16- St Louis
8/17- Tampa Bay
8/18- Toronto
8/19- Vancouver
8/20- Washington
8/23- NY Islanders
8/24- NY Rangers
8/25- Philadelphia
8/26- Pittsburgh
8/27- Devils (a list of other random, fun stats involving the Devils)

I leave you with this random, yet very informative and important graph...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Exclusive Kovalchuk Hearing Transcript

Being an insider has its privileges.

One of my sources (who will remain nameless, mostly because I haven't made up a name for him/her yet) has emailed me a full transcript of the Kovalchuk hearing. He/she said it was wrapped up pretty quickly.

Here goes:

Arbitrator: Ok, let's get right to it. Is this contract illegal?

NHL: Ummm, no, not really.

Arbitrator: Ok. How is it different from other recently signed contracts?

NHL: It's not, really.

Arbitrator: Fair enough. So why, exactly, is this contract being rejected?

NHL: Becauuuuuuuse! We don't like it and it's not faiiiir! *foot stomp*

Arbitrator: Anything else?


Arbitrator: *eyeroll* Of course he does. Anything from the NHLPA?

NHLPA: Do you validate parking?

Arbitrator: See the secretary on the way out.

NHL: Can we get ice cream??!

Arbitrator: Sure. You're paying. Decision to the Devils and Kovalchuk! Let's go to lunch.

There you have it. Go get your Kovalchuk jersey made. He'll be here for a long time.