Thursday, August 05, 2010

Devils Historical Records... Because I'm a Numbers Nerd

I know you've been sitting there, wondering to yourself.. "Self, I wish some wonderful blogger would do all the work for me and post the Devils record/stats against every team in the league since they began play in '82-'83"

Well, your wish has come true. Most of you (right?) have already seen the first few posts in my "30 in 40" series, but for those of you that haven't, I'm making it even easier for you... A simple list of every team that you can just click on and POOF!'ll take you to that team and the Devils stats vs said team. Am I awesome or what? (you don't have to answer that)

This list will also give you a schedule of when each post will be up, so you can plan your days and vacation times accordingly.

Anyway, here is the list (links will be added as each post is put up on the site)

7/19- Anaheim
7/20- Atlanta
7/21- Boston
7/22- Buffalo
7/23- Calgary
7/26- Carolina
7/27- Chicago
7/28- Colorado
7/29- Columbus
7/30- Dallas
8/2- Detroit
8/3- Edmonton
8/4- Florida
8/5- Los Angeles
8/6- Minnesota
8/9- Montreal
8/10- Nashville
8/11- Ottawa
8/12- Phoenix
8/13- San Jose
8/16- St Louis
8/17- Tampa Bay
8/18- Toronto
8/19- Vancouver
8/20- Washington
8/23- NY Islanders
8/24- NY Rangers
8/25- Philadelphia
8/26- Pittsburgh
8/27- Devils (a list of other random, fun stats involving the Devils)

I leave you with this random, yet very informative and important graph...

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