Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Watch The Devils Spank The Rags With Little Ol' Me!

I couldn't think of a clever title, but that one pretty much gives you all the info you need.

Before I get into the official rules of this giveaway, let me remind all of you to go here for all the trade deadline deals and how they will impact the Devils.

I will also be participating in the Live Trade Deadline Chat at hockeyindependent.com tomorrow from 9am to 5pm. Lots of cool guests. Be there!

Now, let's get to the reason all of you have come here! Your chance to get a FREE TICKET to watch the New Jersey Devils take on that team from across the river. As an added bonus, you get to sit with me!! Tell me you aren't inappropriately excited now!

Here are the official terms and conditions:
  • First, leave a comment here telling me you are interested and why I should pick you. Leave a way for me to know who you are, genius. (twitter ID is fine)
  • Winner will be picked at random from all comments that are left.
  • Ticket is for the game on March 10th at The Rock.
  • No purchase necessary.
  • Must be a legal resident of planet Earth.
  • Transportation not included.
  • Bribes ARE accepted (ex: "I'll buy you 1 beer per period" is a good one.)
  • Devils fans are given priority (my contest, my rules)
  • If you are a Rags fan and I decide to pick you, you must keep any cheering for your team to a minimum. Failure to follow this rule will disqualify you from future contests.
  • Flyers fans not eligible. Ever.
  • I'm easily swayed. If you RT me on twitter about this, I'll more than likely move you to the top of the list. I never said this contest was fair.
  • Retail value: $79 (Ticket is in section 4, row 23).
  • Winner will be chosen on Sunday, March 7th.
  • These terms and conditions may change at any time without notice, depending on how I'm feeling at any given moment.
There you have it. How awesome is that? I wish I could enter this contest myself, but I'm not eligible.


  1. You better believe I'm taking part in this. Just cause I've never been to The Rock and the chance to sit with you and root for my team (even if bear minimum) would be a blast. Plus we could reopen the MB30 Twitter chaos. ;)


  2. Yeah, hell, count me in. I'll bribe with a beer, but I'm a little poor to be paying Rock prices for three beers. God bless ya if you find someone willing to bribe with three beers.


  3. i love beer. and i love zach parise even though i'm a rangers fan. and i promise i can refrain from calling marty names for the game---er---for the first two beers. um. also....hmmm

    who am i kidding? i have sean avery in all my avatars. i'm not winning this. :P